Apologies to anyone who could not get on to the Parish Website today. Due to the high volume of traffic the website malfunctioned.

The video of the Mass will be available from about 12.15 p.m. today.

To avoid this problem in future we would ask that people bookmark the alternative feed – which comes straight from the streaming site:

For the technically minded:

Our website runs on a raspberry pi 3 with just 1GB of RAM based in the Parish Office. On Sunday morning the volume of people logging on was so great that the mysql database (the backbone of the website) run out of memory and crashed so new pages couldn’t be delivered and people received the “cannot connect to database” message. This occured after 427 people accessed the website in the run up to 10.00 a.m. People who accessed the live-from-the-church page before the crash did not have to access the website again and so were able view the Mass from our streaming site (Angelcam). This meant that we didn’t notice the problem until the Mass finished. SORRY!!

Our contract with Angelcam is for up to 1000 live streams so we are advising people to bookmark the link to their site hence avoiding having to use the Parish Website. The adverts on this site help keep the cost of the service down and can be hidden by clicking the full screen icon in the bottom right corner. We have no control over the adverts that appear.

In an attempt to avoid this problem in future we will be upgrading the hardware to a raspberry pi 4 with 4GB of memory and in a few weeks add an SSD to provide swap space.

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