New Projector

A new projector has been installed in the Church. It is an ultra short throw projector and is permanently secured to the wall. The remote controls ( 1 black and 1 white) are stored in the Sacristy.

For all normal Masses with hymns the presentation is stored on an android box on the shelf beside the projector.

Operation is as follows:

1 – Using the White ‘Epson’ remote switch on the projector.

2 – Using the Black ‘android’ remote switch on the android box.

3 – If necessary on the white remote select source HDMI2.

4 – Using the black remote Select ‘file manager’ and choose the presentation require.

If you are using you own computer/tv box there is a HDMI cable beside the piano.

It is not possible to connect a device with a VGA (computer) cable. If your computer has only a VGA port please contact us for alternate projection arrangements.

Any questions contact Derek on 07775644671

Saint of the Day (Irish Calendar)

Saturday of the 5th week of Eastertide  or Saint Gregory VII, Pope or Saint Mary Magdalen de’ Pazzi, Virgin or Saint Bede the Venerable, Priest, Doctor