Church Repairs

The first site meeting took place on 9“‘january with the architect, quantity surveyor, main contractor, the diocesan property officer and the PP. The contractors agreed to start work on Monday 21st January and complete by Friday 12th April. Palm Sunday this year is 14″“ April,

The main object of the work is to treat the areas of the church Where the plaster and paint is flaking off i.e. behind the main altar and the back wall of the Lady Chapel.

Externally, all Walls will be repointed with lime mortar. There are other, smaller, areas which will be investigated and treated. Full plans are on display in the side corridor. During the Work, the Lady Chapel will be screened off as will be part of the main sanctuary.

We will be able to have Sunday Mass in the church (Vigil, morning and evening) with a certain restriction on seating (Lady Chapel will be out of use).

Weekday Masses however will have to be celebrated in the upper Marian Hall. The workers intend to start early each morning and stopping for a 9.30 am Mass would slow the work down considerably, There is a stair lift for access to the upper Marian Hall.

Funerals from 21st January will be held by agreement in either St Pal;rick’s Portrush or St Malachy’s Coleraine. Baptisms can take place in the sanctuary of Star of the Sea. Confirmation on 11th April will be in St Malachy’s Coleraine. Updates will appear in the Parish Bulletin and on—line.


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