Christmass 2020

Christmas 2020 will be a very different Christmas for everyone. Families and parishes across the diocese will not be able to celebrate in the normal way. The season of Christmas is a season of celebration, but this year it is essential that we celebrate safely.

Normally at Christmas time large numbers of people wish to attend Mass. This year, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our churches simply cannot accommodate such crowds if we are to ensure the health and safety of all and
conform to Public Health Agency guidance and NI Executive legislation.

It is our intention to have Christmas Masses that are open to the public, but only for as many as the church can legally accommodate. Our parish church has a maximum capacity of fifty

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In order to avoid the real possibility of increased transmission of the Covid-19 virus this Christmas, it is important to remember:
Parishioners are encouraged to keep Christ in Christmas and where circumstances permit, attend Mass on one day over the Christmas season. The obligation to attend Mass is temporarily suspended and only those who can participate safely should do so. The elderly and those with underlying health conditions should be encouraged to avail of livestreaming services. The obligation to attend Mass in person this Christmas has been suspended.

Christmas Masses will be broadcast live and available online, so people are encouraged to participate in a live-streamed Mass.

There will be sufficient stewards to monitor COVID compliance and to manage movement both inside and outside Church.

There should be no congregational singing. While it is important to have the singing of traditional carols and sacred music, this will be provided only by instrumentalists and soloists.

At the dismissal, parishioners will be reminded that they are to exit in a safe manner, respecting social distancing, and that they must leave the precincts of the Church immediately and avoid gathering in groups.


Christmas Mass in Star of the Sea
Christmas Eve: 5.00pm and 7.00pm
Christmas Day 10.00am and 12 noon.
All Masses are fully booked but can be watched online.

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Mass 10.00 a.m.
Online Only

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